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About Counselling
22nd October 2021 
About Counselling
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I believe that psychotherapy is not necessarily for everyone, but that those who do choose to experience this shared, inward-looking journey feel more alive than before they started off. It offers no guarantees, but is an adventure in itself, and can bring light to the darkest of lives.

Therapy could be compared to a journey, or even to an adventure, and it is important to find the right psychotherapist to accompany you on that journey. The therapeutic encounter is a dynamic and creative one, and can bring an unsuspected depth, richness and sense of purpose to one's life. It is sometimes scary, and sometimes painful, as any journey is bound to be, but those who have experienced it feel more fully alive than before they set off on their journey, whatever their point of arrival, and find life less unbearably painful.

I work with the basic psychoanalytic assumption that unconscious forces partly determine who and what we are, the choices we make, and the repetitive patterns we too often get stuck in, and that becoming familiar with those forces helps us break out of those patterns, and find light - and lightness too.

Also, over the past year, the pandemic and the successive lockdowns have taken their toll on all of us, in one way or another. If you feel you have been impacted more than is bearable, more than the occasional bad day, you might want to try and figure out what is going on for you...